on Hoa Phat released the first television commercials

Starting from 19h45 on March 18, 1818, the first TV commercial of Sun Hoa Phat with 30 seconds duration will be broadcast on VTV 1, Vietnam Television. TVC introduced and delivered to consumers Ton Ton Phat products produced by the equipment imported from European countries, G7 – the most advanced technology in the world with the reputation of Hoa Phat brand positioning quality in the market leader segment.

With the careful preparation to convey the leading message of quality, Hoa Phat is ready to promote the mainstream products: Color coated steel sheet, galvanized steel sheet, galvanized aluminum sheet, galvanized steel sheet is preparing to launch the market in the second quarter of 2018 in the most professional way on the media. TVC Ton brings Hoa Phat TV viewers and customers across the country a brand new image associated with the iconic Steelman knight.

“Ton Hoa Phat cooled the house. Sun Hoa Phat dissipated storms. Sun Hoa Phat challenges the sea climate. From the steelmaker market share number one in Vietnam, Ton Hoa Phat is a long-lasting, top quality European technology “is the main message that Sun Hoa Phat wants to send to the masses, partners, customers. .

The position of “guardian” of Sun Hoa Phat is reflected in the strong and strong image of the steelman knight, who protects the house sustainable, everlasting in all weather conditions. Together with the brand identity, Hoa Phat has introduced and promoted Hoa Phat’s products with 3 main colors, dark red, blue and moss green.

Specifically, the broadcast schedule of TVC Ton Hoa Phat on the TV stations as follows:

On VTV1: After 24/7 Sport and before the news evening (from time 19h45-19h50); in Morning Light – Morning Good (6h20-6h45) from 18/03/2018.

On HTV9 channel – TP. Ho Chi Minh, TVC Ton Hoa Phat was broadcast after Sport 365 (about 20h) starting March 19, 1818.

On TVVV1 – Vinh Long Television, TVC Ton Hoa Phat was broadcast after the movie 20h00 and other programs, before the game show 21h00 (time frame from 20h50-21h02) from March 20/2018.

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