Hoa Phat officially launches its products in the market

Recently, Hoa Phat Company Limited has held the official launching ceremony of high quality galvanized steel sheet to the market, marking the new development of the Group in the field of galvanizing. The product is in the high-end segment and is manufactured on Europe’s most advanced technology equipment line, meeting all the strictest standards of the market.

After 2 years of construction, Hoa Phat Steel Plant with 13ha scale in Pho Noi A Industrial Zone, Hung Yen Province has officially put into operation and commissioned the first production line. With a capacity of 400,000 tons per annum, Hoa Phat Steel Sheet is a key project of Hoa Phat Group in the roadmap to reach the top 5 of the largest steel producers in Vietnam by 2020.

With the technology line imported from European countries, G7, Ton Hoa Phat offers the main products such as galvanized (PO), cold rolled (Full hard), galvanized (GI) plated aluminum alloy (GL), color galvanized steel, especially galvanized steel for use in harsh environment (SPE paint, PVDF paint), widely used for civil and industrial projects. and export to markets around the world such as Europe, North America and Asia.

At the opening ceremony of the galvanized steel sheet on 19/4, Nguyen Manh Tuan – Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chairman of Hoa Phat Company said: “We are very pleased and proud when the product Phat has received great attention from domestic and international customers. Prior to the launch of the product on the domestic market, the product was also supplied to Hoa Phat Dung Quat Steel Complex, which was a good start in the production chain. The depth of the Group’s steel products. ”

Although the first shipment to the market, the official distribution company of the company assessed the products of the best in the market, the color galvanized color is beautiful, high fineness, equally. After a few days of launch, Ton Hoa Phat received orders from dozens of large distributors with a volume of over 2,000 tons.

According to the company’s leaders, the next batch of galvanized steel sheets will be launched in early May. At the same time, Hoa Phat Company continues to complete and put into operation synchronous lines in the third quarter of 2018.

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